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District 6 

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Haldimand Horticultural Society  hosts  D6 AGM 

40 Ruby red years.jpeg

Haldimand Horticultural Society will be the Host for  D6 AGM

April 20, 2024. Caledonia Lions Hall, 100 Haddington St. Caledonia 

Ruby Jubilee-Haldimand Horticultural Society is 40, Celebrate!


Important dates/times to note: 

Floral Design Final Registration date: April 12, 2024 Pre-Registration through Show Chair Catherine for Design.

Floral Design Staging: Sat April 20 from 7.30-8.45. Registration card and Entry Cards

will be available for collection at Show Secretary’s Desk on arrival for Design Classes.

Horticultural Entries: Sat April 20 from 7.30-8.45 (not pre-registered) 

No vases will be provided.

Catherine McGill– Show Chair – 905 -745-2669 e-mail 

Margaret Myer Smith- Co 

Get out your ruby red slippers.
It's  party time ! 

THEME Celebrate HHS 1984-2024

Wear red for our 40th Ruby Anniversary

Doors open at 8am

Meeting at 9am to 12 noonish 

Speaker =  Lorraine Johnston 

A great penny sale table


District 6 AGM        Flower Show Schedule           April 20, 2024

Design Section- ALL participation in this section is by pre-registration, some classes have limits so register early –


Design Class 1.  - “Ruby Jubilee”-A design of choice. Space allotted is 14””

Design Class 2.  - “Scottish roots”-    A Fresh miniature designs. See Ojes page 145 will be shown with a white background, you are able                                    to change that backdrop with a non-permanent paper, fabric, or material.

Design Class 3.  -"Memories”- A Small design in a teacup, Dried material encouraged. See Ojes page 150.

Design Class 4.  -"Happy 40th Anniversary"-Exhibition Table, Type 2 (only 4 entries). See Ojes page 139, designs will be staged on a                                         card table, bare, you supply all coverings. (Size of table 30" square)       

Design Class 5-    “D6 Connections”-A Transparency Design(only 4 entries). See Ojes page 154, designs will have a space of 22.”

Horticultural Section- No preregistration needed. 

Class 6.    Collection of Spring flowers, 5 different cultivars 1 stem of each.

Class 7.    Spring flowers, same cultivar, 3 stems.

Class 8.    Potted house plant, 1 cultivar, grown for flowers or fruit.

Class 9.    House plant, 1 cultivar, grown for foliage.

Class 10.   Hyacinth, 3 stems.

Class 11.    Iris bearded, 1 stock.

Class 12.   Iris beardless, 3 stocks.

Class 13.   Narcissus, Trumpet, 3 scapes.

Class 14.   Narcissus, Double bloom, 1 scape.

Class 15.   Narcissus, Collection, 3 different cultivars, 1 scape of each.

Class 16.   Tulip, Single any cultivar, 3 stems.

Class 17.   Tulip, any other cultivar except single, 1 stem.

Class 18.  Perennial any cultivar, 1 stem.

Class 19.   Any other Bulb, Corm, Tuber, or Rhizome, not previously listed in the schedule. 1 Stem.

40th Anniversary (7).png
WORKSHOP to follow the  meeting
D6 workshop.png

will be holding a Tufaroom workshop to demonstrate  how to make your very own mushroom for your garden with different options:  

the top of a mushroom in small or large size with the stem made of supplied wood  make the entire mushroom in hypertufa technique, either small or large size

This workshop will be held following the AGM in Hagersville at home of  Elsie Eubank who graciously hosts  the  Haldimand Horticultural Society's seasonal workshops 

              4064 Hwy 6,  RR 3 Hagersville 

            on the North end of Hagersville

directly across the road from Don Hyde Marine  

D6 Entry Tags.jpeg

OHA Convention 2024

July 12-14, 2024


The OHA 2024 Convention

Hosted by District 7 & 8 will be at 

at the Delta Hotel 50 Stone Road West,Guelph

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