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What Is A Seed Exchange Table

Our annual Seedy Saturday community seed swap sees thousands of seeds that have been lovingly saved and packaged and shared from one gardener to another. Seeds find new homes and gardeners find new friends. Seed swapping is for everyone from the experience gardener to the new gardener who wants to try new seeds. No matter your experience levels all are welcome to participate.  

How It Works

Visit our table, you see seeds you like, you pick them up and you drop off seeds that you have brought with you. You don't have  seeds to share, no worries you can still participate. There will be a small donation jar in case you wish to donate that way instead. No worries either way you can pick up seeds. 

What Type of Seeds Can Be Donated

Most seeds are great! You can donate your own locally grown seeds or commercially grown seeds you are ready to part with. We ask that no invasive plant seeds or hybrid seeds are included. Please clean your seeds, remove any chaff, flower bits and stems. 

How Seed Should Be Labelled And Packaged

All seeds should be labelled clearly and with as much information as possible including: common name, variety, year the seeds were collected and who grew them and any extra information you wish to include about what makes the variety unique and tips for growing