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Seasonal Urn Workshop

Urn workshops both morning and afternoon to accommodate everyone. 

The annual Seasonal Urn workshop is our most popular workshop.

Members and friends visit to Elsie’s Workshop to create a unique one-of-a-kind design with greens and accessories.   

a variety of ornaments and greenery.jpeg
Haldimand Horticultural Annual Urn Workshop 2023.png
2022 Urn workshop.jpeg

Haldimand Pollinator Project 

Haldimand Horticultural Society has completed the new pollinator garden and near to completion of the habitat.

Our members and community neighbours are enthused to add special effects to the new garden at 221 Orkney Street Caledonia.  The Pollinator Garden is located near the west entrance to Burke Estates park.

The garden is funded partially from a grant awarded by the Grand River Conservation Foundation and a partnership with the Caledonia Community Foundation.

This initiative is to help the pollinators. We have selected a variety of native species of plants and shrubs. Haldimand is part of the Carolinian District a specific  location found only in southern Ontario within a band of territory along the northern shore of Lake Erie. It contains many species and communities of plants and animals found nowhere else in Canada. 


To find out how you can participate in this project contact Elsie or Sharon at and please put Haldimand Pollinator Project  in the subject line.

Pollinator Garden Sep 2022.jpeg

 Poppy Project by Haldimand Horticultural Society

Since January 2022 we have completed the assembly of 7 poppy banners to be used on Remembrance Day.

To get more information or request a pattern you can contact us

by email


the pattern for crochet or knitted poppy is below


Poppy Project Anne Jay.jpeg
Poppy Project.jpeg

Mandala Painting  Workshop


 A Fall morning workshop with Barb Matten:

Members of Haldimand Horticultural Society left with a hand painted design created by placing dots of various colours and sizes on rocks.

There was also the opportunity and challenge to paint the names of more than 30 varieties of native plants.  The rocks have been placed in the new Pollinator Garden at the Burke Estates Park entrance  in Caledonia.

Mandala Painting Workshop .jpeg
Mandala Painting Workshop1.jpeg
Mandala Workshop 2022.jpeg
Mandela garden rock.jpeg
Mandala Painting Workshop 2.jpeg
Chicken Wire Plant Cage.jpg

Chicken Wire Plant Cage Workshop

No two are alike,  these wire cages help to prevent annoying critters like rabbits and squirrels from eating the new plant shoots as they emerge from gardens in the Spring

Insect Motels

If you are a gardener by hobby and a nature enthusiast by heart, chances are you are already familiar with the concept of insect hotels also known as bee hotels. Insect hotels are an attractive addition to your garden as well as providing a sanctuary for beneficial insects, especially pollinators. Insects provide many benefits to the ecosystem through pollination, nutrient cycle and also as food source for the birds. A simple insect hotel can include recycle materials and should be made from all natural untreated wood. The size and contents are a matter of personal preference. The motel should be located in a protected area away from wind and rain. 

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