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Creekside Apiaries is a small family run apiary located in Caledonia. We take pride in caring for our bees and producing amazing, all-natural, pure, unpasteurized honey as well as other products produced with our very own wax.

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Handpainted Garden Bricks and Stones, clay pots, wooden signs. Perfect for adding whimsy and color to your gardens, porch, deck. I also do memorial stones to remember your love ones and pet memorials too.

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Farmer Don

Creekside Apiaries

Niagara Peninsula Conservation Kerry Royer 

Generations Marketplace 

Sentimental Farm

Wine Down Therapy

Amber Earth Essentials

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For the Love of Trees

Roughly Rustic

Marilyn Sutor

District 6 Ontario Horticultural Association

Trembling Aspens

Creative Itch

Kevin Kavanaugh, 

South Coast Gardens 

Grand Erie Master Gardeners

Stitched by Granny 

Root Rescue

Worm Wrangler 

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Stray Mossballs

Abundance on the 8th

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Olives Heirlooms

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