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December 18, 1984  Haldimand Horticultural Society was incorporated. 

1986 was the first Annual Flower and Vegetable Show held at Oneida Central School where the monthly meetings were originally held.

We have continued with these monthly competitions as well as a Spring & Fall Competition for members to showcase their talents. Competition entries may be placed the meeting hall between 7 and 7:30 pm.  


Volunteer members care for public gardens at the Kinsmen Park Trail entrance near the dam along the beautiful Grand River,  at the East entrance to the Ron Clark Memorial Walkway on the North side of the Caledonia bridge,  at Edinburgh Square Heritage and Cultural Centre,  the Riverview Oasis Parkette,  the Wigton & Renfrew Street Parkette, (both on the south side of the Caledonia bridge) and at the Seneca Centennial Hall in York.  


Haldimand County provides us with partnership funding through a Community Beautification Funding Grant that is used to assist purchasing plant material, shrubs and trees in Haldimand. 

Watering Indoor Plants
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