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YOUTH-Green Gardians



WELCOME to our new members Anna, Nora, and Meave!   A reminder to all - membership fees are due for 2024.    

Join us and learn about the plants growing in our garden and how we care for them. Our garden is located at the Caledonia Mill and we meet here a few times throughout the year. We will have fun lessons and crafts!  We get creative, explore, and learn while having positive experiences in the garden. We learn about nurturing the environment for a greener future! We learn about healthy lifestyle choices, and discover the exciting processes of the natural world - not to mention making new friends! 


Youth Garden activities are good opportunities to volunteer. We are always looking for volunteers of any age. Adults are welcome with their children. Participating in our Youth Garden activities is a great way to spend time with your children and have your child learn about the environment. This is a great opportunity to get your hands dirty and become better stewards of the environment with family and friends.

You can become a GREEN GARDIAN!

Cost:  $15/year includes Free Green Gardian T-Shirt

Ages: 6-9 (with adult)  

Ages: 10-13

Ages: 14-16 (volunteer hours)




WORKSHOPS FOR 2023/2024 

FRIDAY MAY 24th - Garden Planning Session - 7pm-830pm - Meet at Caledonia Old Mill

FRIDAY MAY 31st - Pizza and Planting Party - 645pm-830pm - Meet at Caldonia Old Mill

SATURDAY JUNE 22nd - Concrete Mushrooms - 1000am-1230pm

Garden at the Old Mill started!

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